Tezos Japanリサーチ – オープンソース版TzScan APIに関する有効な機能について

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DaiLambdaの代表取締役、かつTezos Japanの理事として、日本からTezosのコア開発に参画している古瀬は、現在Tezos SouthEast AsiaNine Chaptersと共同で、TzScanオープンソース版の評価を行っています。




Tezos Japanは、今後もTezosに関するリサーチも行い、情報提供を行う事で、Tezosコミュニティの一員としてもTezosエコシステムに寄与していきます。

Head of DaiLambda and board member of Tezos Japan, currently participating in core development of Tezos from Japan, recently evaluated the open source version of TzScan in collaboration with Tezos SouthEast Asia and Nine Chapters.

TzScan is a Tezos blockchain explorer developed by OCamlPro. The Tezos Foundation, based in Zug Switzerland, announced on 2nd May a policy to allow users to select products from multiple developers in the blockchain explorer with a special emphasis on decentralization.

There is a difference between the open source version distributed by OCamlPro and the version running at https://www.tzscan.io.

If you want to run TzScan independently for research and development or business purposes, it is important to be aware of these differences.

As a member of the Tezos community, Tezos Japan Foundation will continue to contribute to the Tezos ecosystem by conducting research and providing information.

TzScan Open Source: what are missing Difference from https://tzscan.io

Tezos Japanリサーチ – オープンソース版TzScan APIに関する有効な機能について